Prank Nepal – Aayush Rimal Got Pranked (Purse Chor Prank)

Few Rules for Pranks

1) Never do two tricks consecutively. Take after the request of arrangement: You trick, he tricks back, you trick back, he tricks back, and so on.

2) Never get into a battle about a trick, simply trick them back harder.

3) Do not trick amid Midterms or Finals Week.

4) Should a trick make a wreck, those included must tidy it up.

5) Do not deny about having conferred a trick or put the fault on another person.

6) A trick ought not have dependable negative impacts.

7) Do not take amid a trick (unless expected to give it back)

8) Never tell on or rodent out a kindred prankster.

9) Do not do anything that can bring on any draining or real harm.

10) Do not break another person’s things as a piece of your trick.

There are couple of things that a trick must have.

Principle #1: A great trick indicates resourcefulness, critical thinking, and soul.

Principle #2: A great trick requires cooperation, association, and arranging.

Principle #3: A great trick causes no changeless or irreversible harm or mischief.

Principle #4: A great trick requires stealth, undercover activity, and watchfulness sometime later.

Decide #1 satisfies that The hypothesis is that on the off chance that you can accomplish something that gets an enormous measure of consideration, that is inventive and not harming, then you’ve pulled off an awesome trick.



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