Hitting On Girls – New Nepali Pickup Lines-Prank Nepal

This is a new nepali prank video. This Nepali Prank is very clear with its topic, hitting on girls. You will laugh until your stomach hurts after watching this video. In this video prankster will go in town to prank the people. This nepali prank video is embedded by www.pranknepal.com or prank nepal. This Prank is very much new,unique and too much epic video which contains a double meaning idea and is enough to make people get trapped in this video.

This video might contain double meaning words which may harm your feelings, emotion, or culture. We feel sorry but we will not be responbile for that as we are only supporting media for Nepali pranksters. Prank Nepal- www.pranknepal.com embeds videos, which are created by Nepali Pranksters for entertainment purpose.


This nepali prank video was shot in Nepal among nepalese people.


This nepali prank video video has completely new and unique idea. As this Video has been new and very much comedy it is getting much more and best response from audience. This video is able to get 1 lac + views and more than one thousand likes. Also, we are getting regular feedback from the comment in this video and the page prank nepal.


This nepali prank video is much clear on its prank subject. This video is a epic and funny prank of nepali pranksters. In this video prankster will go in the town in-front of the girls and tell i will follow u. Is is okay? As a result of that girls hear and understand it in negative sense in nepali. Then people starts give their most epic reaction which will be shot in camera. This nepali prank video will be about this idea. He will ask all people about this and it is all. But More fun will come in the watching of video. So please watch this video.